Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Currently - Where is the Time Going?

I can't believe that it is already November 1st! The first two months of school have flown by...with all of the fun, back-to-school activities, weeks of initial assessments, restitution training, Thanksgiving, Progress Conversations, Halloween activities...throw in a bit of teaching, some staff's been crazy!

Today, I am once again joining up with Farley's Currently at  Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Not much to explain here...
I hope that your school year has had a great start! Appreciate the little things, deal with the tough stuff, and love those around you! That's the joy of our job...every day is an adventure!
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Kristin Moritz said...

It is crazy how fast it is going! Oh in-service on Monday! That is a good plan! We have a town parade the week before Halloween on a Thursday night. They throw candy at the kids through out the whole parade! We have our in-service the day after that! THANK GOODNESS! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy those babies!

Mindy Thomas said...

Oh, how jealous I am that you don't have kids tomorrow! America needs to get on board for that, too!
Do tell about Jeanne's cake - it may need to become a Texas thing! LOL. Any food that ends with the word cake is the best kind of food.
I hope you get lots accomplished tomorrow and have a wonderful November!
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Lynn (CampingTeacher) said...

I want the candy out of their little systems too, but I have one family that gives their kid candy on the way to school on random days! (sigh)

ttervoort said...

Mindy Thomas, thanks for asking! Jeanne's cake is a yummy cake from Jeanne's Bakery. It is a regular kind of layer cake (usually white, chocolate or marble), with a soft, fluffy frosting, a shortbread cookie base, and sides covered with shaved chocolate curls. It is my favourite choice for my birthday cake!

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