Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July Currently...and Happy Summer Break!

Wow! It's July 1st...already...where did the time go? I'm sure it was only a few days ago that I was doing the June Currently!

The last few weeks of school are usually pretty busy, chaotic, fun...and this year was no exception. However, throw in the retirement of our amazing Kindergarten teacher who had been teaching at our school for over 30 years (with a community bbq, our annual final day Celebration of Excellence, and our local teacher's union get-together), along with our guidance counsellor moving to a new school for next year, two EA's being laid off, and somehow, things were just that much more crazy! (Did I mention that I'm social fund person, so in charge of getting all gifts, etc.? lol)

The sad part is that, on my first day of summer break, I am feeling a little lost...not knowing what I should do to start planning for the new school year...oh well, give me a few days and maybe I will get into the summer groove!

Today I am linking up with Farley's Currently, over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.
Well, I think that most of these are pretty self-explanatory. The only thing that I would have to clarify would be the "Needing" section. If you include all the things that I talked about at the beginning of this blog, as well as report cards, a field trip the second last day with kids, and our staff wind-up, it went way beyond busy. You would think that would be enough...but no...we also just got the word yesterday morning (our last day) that our principal has accepted a new position in our division for September. She has only been at our school for two years, and at the time, I had also applied for the position (I was just finishing the Administrative Internship in our division) I have mixed feelings over this. I then received an e-mail from our Superintendent, along with several other candidates to see if there was interest in taking on the position in September. Because it is so late in the year now, they are looking at it being an interim position (until the end of December) so that they can advertise it in the fall. I could still apply for the permanent position as was just a lot to think about...In the end, and after about 10 seconds of pondering, I immediately said yes, I was didn't even discuss it with hubby! Now I just have to wait for another week or two to see who else responded and what the next step will be.

The other issue was what should I do in my classroom then? As I was trying to clean up, I just couldn't focus...was I cleaning up so that I was ready to teach there in September, or was I organizing so that someone else could come into the space and teach for a term? Should I be taking things out and storing them at home? Or do I just leave it as is? do I shut off my brain for the next while until this is all finalized? Hubby always says I need a 12 step program to get out of "school-mode" in the summer anyway...I suppose this forces me to sit back and do nothing...although I was getting a little antsy last night, thinking about typing up my finalized (possible) timetable...and class lists...and...oh my!

Well, I hope that your summer break is off to a better start than mine...Take some time for yourself! Relax, read a book (not a school one...but something that interests you, is fun, makes you smile, etc.), go see a movie on a weeknight, sleep in, visit with friends...whatever it takes to let yourself be that person you are when you aren't a teacher!

Take care,