Monday, 2 September 2013

September Currently! Let the Fun Begin!

Well, September flew in before I was even ready...but I'm sure I'll be fine...

On my good days, I spent time in my classroom, trying to organize it for the new school year. And, on those not-so-good days, I rested on the couch and did a bit of planning. Hopefully during the next few days or weeks, I can get some pictures up of my classroom!

Thank goodness for Farley and  her Currently linky over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade or I would never get to updating this blog these days! All I can hope is that once all the cancer treatments are done I will be able to make more time for all my little projects.

Listening - With the last few weeks of heat, I am extremely grateful for our air conditioning!

Loving - Since my diagnosis with breast cancer, I have been so fortunate that my family has taken over all the little (and many big) things that I have had to let go of...from cleaning to laundry to cooking...and so much more. Then there is the driving to appointments, chemo treatments and wherever else I have to go. I LOVE them to pieces!

Thinking - I have a lot of things to organize...not only am I teaching with a partner this year, but I also just found out that I will be starting my radiation treatment this month, which involves being away from my classroom every afternoon for a month. Throw this on top of all the follow-up appointments, my Herceptin treatments (every 3 weeks through my chemo port), and maybe even a few teacher-related inservices...and I will be so tired of making sub plans by the time this year is over!

Wanting - Well, I finished my last chemo treatment less than 2 weeks ago...and now I just have to wait for the hair to grow back! I've gotten used to being bald over the past few minutes...wearing scarves for much of May and June, and hats through the summer to avoid the sun. My kiddies at school have already known all about my battle with cancer, as I have worked throughout it, so I will probably stick to the bald look when school begins this week. However, one of the wonderful things that happened this summer is that my daughter got engaged!!! and I would really love to have hair when I go to her wedding next summer!

Needing - nothing more to add to this...  :)

Love Yourself Spot - I am trying to take better care of myself, especially after these past several months...I just need to rebuild my energy levels so that I can do it!

Well, that's it for my September Currently! I hope that your new school year is off to a great start, whether you have been back to work for weeks, or just heading back tomorrow, like me!

Take care,