Monday, 1 April 2013

April Currently...and life updates!

It's April...did anyone else notice that the year is flying by and I can barely keep up?  lol  All I know is that my kiddies just arrived in my classroom a few days ago, and then I turned around and there are only 59 days left of classes...Oh my! I enjoyed my Spring Break last week, but it went by way too fast as well!
Thank goodness for Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade, or I swear that I would never get my blog updated this is my April Currently...


I think all of these are pretty self-explanatory...although maybe my advice doesn't really fit the category...However, this seems to be my mantra right now. Since my diagnosis of breast cancer on January 31st, I have undergone a lumpectomy, as well as a sentinel node biopsy (to remove some of the lymph nodes). This week I will be meeting my oncologist to figure out when my radiation treatments will begin, to see about some further tests to make sure my heart is healthy, and to see if I will need to add chemo to the plan. I have been fortunate that I have only had to miss seven days of work so far, between the two surgeries...but I'm not sure how the treatment will affect my work situation. Who knows? Maybe it will make me stay home and rest (or give me some extra time to actually work on my
Anyway, April is going to be a busy month at school.  We have so many activities planned throughout the month...Portfolio Night, Earth Day, "Wear Pink" Day, Neon/60's Day, "We Are Silent" Day...just to name a few...and somehow, I still need to teach Math, ELA, Art, Music, etc.
Well, I hope your April is off to a great start!
Take care,