Saturday, 7 December 2013

December Currently!

Wow...I can't believe that I let October and November fly by without doing at least my minimum Currently link!

Well, let's see...what is new? I finished my radiation treatments in October. I had 20 treatments, every weekday. I was lucky...the radiation department worked late, so I was able to do most of them after school. I would teach for the day, then leave just at home time (my wonderful co-teacher would dismiss the kids) and drive into the city for my treatment. Things went pretty smoothly, all things considered!

I also survived report card and Parent-Teacher time! This was our first time using the new provincial report card, so it was a learning experience, but I think that it went fine. Probably the most difficult thing was the amount of comment writing there was, especially for EVERY subject. I'm sure that it will get easier each time.

And now, it is Christmas Concert time...Did I mention that I work in a small school? And besides teaching Grade 3/4, I am also the Music teacher? And I'm slightly crazy? lol...Oh well, everyone helps out, and it is so much fun when it all starts to fit together. Our school does a concert that includes everyone, from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The Kindergartens do a really cute welcome, the Grades 5 to 8 Band will perform a few songs, and then K to Grade 8 perform a Christmas musical. This year we are doing a cute production called "Surfin' Santa"! The Grade 7 and 8 students are the actors, and the rest of the kids are the chorus, with each class having their own moment up on stage, with some choreography for one of the songs. The art teacher does a great job with his students designing the backdrop, and decorating the gym as well. So...I`m sure that things will be fine.

Anyway, once again I am linking up with Farley`s Currently linky at Oh`Boy 4th Grade:


I think most of these are pretty easy to follow...I am definitely looking forward to the Christmas break, to just relax and spend some time with my super, wonderful hubby (did I forget to mention that he has been busy drilling holes in 24 glass blocks for me so that my kiddies can paint some cool presents for their parents?) and the rest of my family!

Well, I will leave you with one quick activity that I have been working on to use with one of my Math classes in the next few weeks. I experimented with making up some QR codes, each one linking up with a simple Math problem. The kiddies are going to be in partners, and use one of the iPads to scan the pictures of the codes that I have printed out. They can then solve the problem, then go onto the next code. I have never tried this before, so hopefully it goes well.

(this is the QR code on the front page of their booklet)
Anyway, if I don't "see" you before the holidays begin, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!
Take care,