Saturday, 29 June 2013

July Currently! (Thank goodness for summer!)

I know that I am not the only one wondering where this past school year went...although I have to admit that after the year I had, I am not that upset that it is done. Don't get me wrong - I loved my class, and the colleagues I worked with. However, between my cancer diagnosis and the beginning of my treatment, the passing of my dad this spring, and the loss of several people at school (through retirements, transfers and cutbacks), it has been one of the most emotional years I have gone through in a long time!

It's a good thing that Farley gives me that push to at least blog once a month, through her Currently linky over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.


I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory...but just in case you wanted to know about the car girl part of me, here's a picture of my "baby"!
Isn't she pretty?  :)  Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much time I will get to drive her around this summer with the top down...With my treatments, I am more susceptible to the sun. Oh well, maybe I will pull her out on cloudy days, and let the wind blow through my hair scarf  past my bald

As far as the rest of this summer is concerned, I still need to do some clean up in my classroom to find some space for another teacher to be able to co-teach in my room. I also have to figure out exactly what this co-teaching thing is going to look like. I will also be spending the next week at a conference, which will allow me to finish much of my Level 1: School Administrator's Certificate. Hopefully I can get most of these things done in the next 10 days or so, before the next chemo treatment (this will be a new chemo drug I'll be starting so I am hoping that I will make it through these final three treatments over the summer...). My goal will also include a huge stack of books to read through!

Anyway, I hope that your summer break is off to a great start, and that you are able to enjoy many of the things that there just doesn't seem to be time for during the rest of the school year!

Take care,


Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Currently...Wow!

Well, I'm not sure where May went...I guess that is a result of all of the health things I have been dealing with this year. As I mentioned in my April Currently, I was going to meet the oncologist to set up my radiation treatments, etc. I was partly right...I did meet, we didn't discus radiation (that will be later). Instead, she had a plan for me for another surgery, to implant a port in my chest so that I could begin chemo after that. Things seem to move very quickly in the cancer world, as I have since had the surgery, and already completed two rounds of chemo! I am happy to say that things haven't been too bad yet - I have been able to continue working so far...but I will be ready for the summer break to complete the treatments, and hopefully have some time to recuperate before the next school year begins!

Anyway, here is my June Currently...Thanks as always to Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade, for this great linky!

I am hoping that June will involve sun and blue sky, compared to May ending with clouds and rain. It is amazing how much that little yellow ball in the sky can change your mood so easily! I hope that your June is off to a great start, and if you are already on vacation, have a wonderful summer! For those of you like me, that still have a month of work to get through, I hope your June goes by smoothly, and your vacation is here before you know it!
Take care,