Thursday, 8 November 2012

Remembrance Day Thoughts

I am slowly getting things ready for our school Remembrance Day service classroom choir is performing a simple, but pretty song, "One Little Candle", my student leaders with the Student Council will be helping with the service either by reading a few poems, carrying the wreath or handing out programs, and I have the technology to set up in the morning for some of the videos we'll show and the sound system so we can be heard...throw in trying to complete the Grade Three Assessment that I was working on today, and the report cards that I have been obsessing over, and I am definitely looking forward to a weekend, even if the weatherman is trying to tell me that it's going to include a storm.

It has been an interesting week, with lots of good conversations about peace, war, and everything inbetween...I have included a few of our favourite books from this time of year:

This first book, "The Enemy", is a touching story about how both sides in a war are so much alike.
The Enemy
Reading this next book is always difficult, as it tells the true story of how a zoo is forced to destroy some of it's animals to prevent them from possibly escaping during the bombing of Tokyo.
Faithful Elephants: A True Story of Animals, People, and War
This is a sweet story about a bear during war time.

A Bear in War

This is a great book for young children, about feelings of and for those involved in the war.

Proud As A Peacock, Brave As A Lion
(Click on the book pictures for links to the Chapters website.)
Anyway, have a great Friday! (and wow...that makes three posts this week...don't worry...I'm sure this burst of energy won't last for long...actually, I'm sure it's more of a method of procrastination until all the other stuff that I need to get done is finished!)
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Amanda said...

I have "A Bear in War", but I don't have the other three.... add them to my wish list? :)

I hope your ceremony went well today. I'm sure it turned out great.


ttervoort said...

The ceremony went very well today! I was very proud of all our kids!

As for these books, they are all very good choices...however, I would say that "Faithful Elephants" might not be one you would want to read with very little kids. My Grade 3/4 students found it challenging to understand how someone could kill these animals for no real reason.

I hope everyone else's time to remember was meaningful today!


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