Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Back to School...Where Do I Start?

Wow...I know that I am not officially back to school until September 8th, but I headed over to my classroom today. I walked in...saw what it looked like...and considered turning around and going back home! The one good thing is that the floor was shiny and clean, and ready for me to "work my magic" and start arranging!

I suppose it really isn't so's just that I like to move everything up off the floor at the end of June so that our caretaker doesn't have to move all of my stuff while trying to clean the floors.

Of course, setting up my room was not my intention today...instead, I decided to start some intense cleaning. It is time to start de-cluttering. You know what I mean...maybe actually throwing out some of those games that have been missing pieces for a few years and still haven't shown up...or that stuffed cupboard of art supplies that were such a good buy (time to figure out a use for them this year or pass them on to someone else)...perhaps weeding out my classroom library (then I might have some room for the new books I will more than likely buy this year)...and then there's the filing cabinet...and the cupboards of teacher resource books that no longer match who or what I am teaching.

Wow...although it doesn't look like I made much progress, I really did do a lot of sorting and cleaning! A few more days of reorganizing and I will feel much better about my space...and I will be ready to start setting up for the new school year! That will actually be the easy part, as I have spent lots of my summer break getting things ready...fresh labels, new signs, sorted papers...planning for a few new curriculums.
Stay tuned for the next set of pictures...once things are all in place!  I hope that you are getting everything ready for your own space, but are still able to enjoy whatever time you still have left of your summer break!
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