Saturday, 2 May 2015

May Currently and Portfolio Night

Well, as most of you can probably relate...this school year is flying by way too fast! can't believe that it is already May, with only weeks to go before the school year is over. Although I have enjoyed this year, it has definitely had it's ups and downs. And of course, as we stress out over everything that still needs to be done, there is also the stress of all the planning that has already begun for next year...we've already had meetings over school plans (for next year, and possibly up to the next four years...)...and then there is the panic over what the timetabling will look like for next year (just wondering what I will be teaching - grades, subjects, etc.). That is the joy of teaching in a small school!

Portfolio Night!
One of my favourite days at school was this was our Portfolio Night! I love it! Our entire school participates, Kindergarten to Grade 8. Every classroom/teacher has its own interpretation of what this looks like, but it is amazing to see all of the families that come in to share the day (in my room, some students brought in Mom, Dad, or both, siblings and even some grandparents...even with some families that are divorced, both parents came together to share).

My students had a "program" that they could follow to share with their families:
*First, they used the SmartBoard to "check in".
*Then, they could share our portfolios. They aren't anything fancy, but based on the 4 Pillars that we base our classroom on (Respect, Academic, Teamwork, Leadership). They have lots of pictures and write-ups from activities throughout the year, samples of school work, and reflections of what we have done.
*Students could teach a new Math game out of our Math With Someone binders.
*We had a few Science activities to demonstrate some of the concepts we have been working on in our Light unit (the bending pencil and the changing directions arrow).
*The French teacher had the students share their French work folder and their reflections sheet from this year.
*Computers had our classroom weebly up so that parents could see what we have been doing, if they haven't been able to check it out at home.
*Students shared our QR Code Book Reports that were on display in the hallway. We used our school iPads so that everyone could read the reports. They were very simple to do, but the kids were excited to share them!
A sample of what our QR Code Book Reports looked like

There was also a Scholastic Book Fair set up in the gym, a free yoga class in the Music room, and many displays set up all around the school.

The best part of the day was that the students were the ones running the show...I was just there to answer the odd question, make sure that the technology was working and take pictures of each group. But...I am glad it is is a lot of work to prepare for the evening, even though I was good and had been updating the portfolios all year long.

And Now...May Currently!

Once again, it is time to join up with Farley's Currently at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Here is mine!

I don't think that I have to explain any of these, other than the last daughter lives about an hour away. She and her husband are having a house built on their existing acreage, so they can move their family (1 baby, 2 dogs and 2 cats) out of their mobile home. Our son is also building his own house across town from us (at least he will still be close However, he and his dad (hubby) are building it themselves, so it has been a slower project, and takes much of our spare time.

Well, that's it for me! Have a great weekend and a wonderful May!

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Lana said...

Hi! I am hopping over from Farley's Currently series! Your Portfolio Night sounds a lot like the Student Showcase Night we had at my school this year. Sounds like you put a lot of hard work into it! Love that it was student led!

A quiet summer sounds so nice! :)

Ashley Robles said...

I love the Portfolio night. It sounds exhausting for you but so fun! What a great way to connect with families at your school.

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