Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year! and January 2015 Currently

Wow! It's a new year...and I'm not sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to the old one...

2014 was pretty special for our family...I'm not sure how 2015 will top it!

In March, we welcomed the arrival of our first grandchild, the most beautiful little girl, Zoe Elizabeth!

In July, our daughter got married to a wonderful guy. The wedding was so much fun, with family and friends, lots of love and laughter, and so much happiness! The pictures from that day, of my daughter, her new hubby and baby Zoe, just melt my heart!

In November, I finally had surgery to have my chemo port removed! After two years of surgeries and treatments, I am taking this to mean that this journey has ended, and it's time to begin a different one! Although it is not something that I would want for anyone else, I certainly have apreciated what it has brought to my life...the people that I have met (both fellow patients and medical staff), the knowledge I have gained, and the support and encouragement I have felt through all of has definitely shown me how blessed I have been!

So...there really isn't more I could want in life!

Although it's a day late, I am joining up with Farley's Currently linky at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

I don't think any of this needs to be explained...well,maybe except for my little brother (he was always pretty special to mom and I were actually pregnant at the same time, so my brother is the same age as my daughter! The two of them grew up together...) went missing 5 ½ years ago. It has been hard on our family, especially at the holidays. However, it also makes us extremely grateful for all that we do have. We appreciate those that are around us, tell them that we love them a lot more, and treasure each smile, tear and hug. So...I keep on wishing...

Well, I hope that your 2014 was also amazing, and that 2015 will simply bring more "amazing-ness" for you and yours! Enjoy the next stretch of your school year!

Happy New Year!

Take care,


Jennifer Reynolds said...

Your year has certainly know joy and sorrow, Tammy! It also sounds like you are at the same career crossroad as I am. As much as I love my students, the paperwork and data-driven assessments are driving me loco!

I wish you and your family peace and happiness as 2015 begins!

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Laura Starnes said...

Hi! I posted after you on the link and am so glad I did. I found a new blogger! =) I love how we are all saying we need to get cleaning and stuff put away. I'm just not ready for the holiday to be over. Enjoy the new year and I hope there are more joyful events in your future with that sweet grand baby.

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Becky said...

Wow, you have been through a lot. Yet, you have one of the best attitudes about life and trials and struggles. I love finding other blogs as well so glad I found you

Amanda said...

Mwah! Maybe this is the year for wishes to come true... :) Love you!


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