Sunday, 1 June 2014

June Currently

Hi, everyone. I can't believe that June is already here! So much has happened since I have last posted...and there is so much more on the go right now...not to mention that I have so much to do before the end of the month...YIKES!

I am joining up with Farley's Currently linky at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. I love reading about everyone else's experiences, especially this time of here goes...
I am sure that most of these things are pretty self-explanatory...but...

One of the most amazing things that has happened these past few months was the arrival of our granddaughter at the end of March. Of course, she is the prettiest, smartest little girl ever (just like her mommy!). I was worried that we wouldn't get to see her much, as she lives 60 miles away from us...but I have been lucky to see her at least once a week since she was born. My secretary at school has been giving me a hard time about not using my personal days (I have only had time for my own medical appointments the past year and a half), I decided to take tomorrow off and spend it with my daughter and granddaughter...Yay!!!

Somehow, it seems like we went from the winter that would never end...right to summer! It is warm and sunny now, perfect for getting my other "baby" out on the road! Last summer, I was in the middle of Chemo treatments, and spent most of my time recovering on the couch. I felt so guilty that I didn't have the strength to take her out, so I will definitely make it up to her this year! I still have treatments until August, but these aren't nearly as hard on me as last year's chemo, or the radiation in the fall. I'm not sure if they tire me out at this time, or if it is working full-time through it all that is doing it. Either way, life is good right now!

Here is my other "baby"!

I am looking forward to a busy, and joyful summer...but first, I need to get through June (report cards, field trips and Tabloid Day, oh my!). I hope that all of you already on holidays are able to rest and rejuvenate...As for those of you still working for a little while longer, like me, good luck and have fun!

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Pixie Anne said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for lots of sunny days so you can get out on the road!
Growing Little Learners

Elyse R. said...

Enjoy your day off tomorrow with your daughter and granddaughter! That will be a great way to spend a Monday!!
-Elyse @ A is for Apples

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