Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year! (and January Currently)

Why is it that the older we get, the faster time flies? Not only have we sped through the holiday season, but a new year has begun! And don't forget, it's also a new month, so once again, I am joining up with Farley's Currently linky at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

I think that most of these things are pretty self-explanatory...but I do have to tell about my special memory this year! Two weeks before Christmas, hubby offered to take me into the city to do some of my running around (this should have been Clue #1, as hubby hates Christmas time running around with too many people, and maybe dinner and a movie. As we were driving around, he casually said that maybe we wouldn't have enough time for a movie, so we could just do some shopping (Clue #2, hubby does not like to shop). He then proceeded to take me to a nearby shopping mall, directing me to a jewelry store to buy me a new wedding band! I should explain that my original wedding/engagement rings had to be cut off before I had my lumpectomy surgery in February...I had only been given 8 days notice of this surgery...not nearly enough time to lose 20 pounds and be able to get the rings off by, hubby took me to the same store he bought my original rings from almost 30 years ago (I didn't know this, as I wasn't there for the first purchase). He actually picked out what he thought I might like, and other than me choosing the white gold instead of gold, it was a shared decision! This was a pretty amazing, and touching way to end a long and difficult 2013! I'm a lucky girl!

I hope that your 2014 is off to a great start! I know that I will honour the challenges I have faced in 2013 by appreciating the adventures that this new year will bring! Hugs!

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Sarah said...

It's never as fun to take Christmas stuff down as it is to put it up! However, it does seem to go faster. I finished getting al of my stuff up today and it feels so good! You will get it done : ) What a sweet hubby! I love your shopping trip story. Happy New Year!

Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

Sebrina Burke said...

My husband hates shopping too, so I feel your pain! It sure turned into an awesome memory for both of you. I love the happy ending to your 2013 year! Wishing you another amazing and joyous year.

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