Friday, 1 February 2013

February Currently...and a long day.

How did February get here so quickly? It's a new month, and time to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

I think most of this is self-explanatory....I'm sure many of you feel the same way about time. Unfortunately, my concerns are not for the same reason...I just got a diagnosis for breast cancer yesterday. My form is non-invasive, Stage 0...but I have surgery in a week, and will have to be off for a bit of time after that. Hmm...what to prepare for a week or two? Then, there is the radiation treatment a few months after that. This just doesn't fit into my schedule right now!!! I think the nurse was patronizing me, too, when she was setting up my surgery date. When I tried to push it back to a "more favourable school day", she told me that she had a brother who was a teacher so she "kind of got it"...which meant that she totally DID NOT GET IT! But I have lots of support, and things will be fine, so - happy thoughts, everyone!
Anyway, it's hard to believe that the school year is officially half over already! This past week has been incredibly busy (not even counting my personal, health stuff).
We had a Community Relations afternoon, with activities being held all over the school. Kids signed up for their top choices, and got to try three different things. A few community members, and all of our teachers and support staff helped to offer things like: baking, bubble activities, making friendship bracelets, paper airplanes, Zumba dancing, a music jam session, wild animal crafts, yoga, innukshuk building, snowshoeing, playing chess & checkers, and making balloon animals. Some parents came in to follow their children around as well. It was so much fun, watching multi-age groups of kids (from Grade 1 to 8) try something new, or enjoy an old favourite!
We also had two Divisional Curriculum Focus Days. The first day was more school-directed, with some work on assessment methods and a look at the upcoming, new report card coming in September. The second day was teacher-directed, with available sessions for teachers to attend, as well as the opportunity to do our own thing in our school and classrooms. Some of us spent time brainstorming for upcoming themes and activities, as well as working on some units for our own classes. It was definitely a worthwhile day!
Well, I hope that everyone has a great, relaxing weekend! I'm looking forward to my daughter coming for a visit tomorrow (although hubby likes to complain that we can't let go of the teacher conversations, as she is a Grade 1 That's OK...SHE more than kind of gets me!
Take care!


Kate said...

So sorry to hear what you're going through. I hope you get all the time you need to relax and heal. So glad you linked up with the Currently! I'm a new follower. :)

Second Grade Sparkle

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