Sunday, 14 October 2012

October Fun

Wow! Time goes by sooo fast when you are having fun...and working hard...and going to workshops...and teaching...and marking...and planning...and I'm sure you get the idea...

In fact, I'm sure that most teachers know exactly what I am talking about. Last weekend, we made a point of going to the movies, to just get out of the house and do something that wasn't school-related. Who cares if it was to see "Hotel Transylvannia" ( an animated, kids' movie for those of you without little ones at home)...did I mention that it was with hubby, our 24 year old son and me? lol...I like being able to go to the movies and just have fun! Apparently most of the kids at our school saw it, too...all I heard this week was, "I do not say Blah, blah-blah"...

It seems like I have had a meeting, workshop or conference at least once a week for the last several weeks...I hate being away (even if the workshops were great!)...planning for someone else to be in my classroom is such a pain (and even if my main sub is often my mom!). The nice part though is that I know that her expectations of my kids' work will be high and she will get them done!

I left her a cute art project to do with my kids this week...while searching for some ideas, I found an image online (I couldn't find the original post for it...but was able to figure it out from the picture) and thought, "My kids could do this!" and I was right! They did a great job, and they looked even better once they were hung up! Halloween is one of my favourite days (did I mention that it is my birthday? lol), and there just doesn't seem to be enough time for doing all the Halloween-y things I'd love to do...

I hope that you are enjoying all the fun of October, and I'll try to get on here a little sooner than care!



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